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Here I'm posting some news about my professional activities, Links to my blog post, and my new and prospect appointments, ...

End 2021

Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

I'm now currently working to earn "Azure Solutions Architect Expert" certification.

Sep 2021

Azure Data Engineering Certification

I'm now officially Azure certified data engineer.

Aug 2021

Azure Data Scientist Certification

I'm now officially Azure certified data scientist.

The “Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate” is a recognition of the professionals working in ML and Data science space by assessing their knowledge and understanding of a Azure technology including: Manage Azure resources for machine learning, Run experiments and train models, Deploy and operationalize machine learning solutions as well as Implement responsible machine learning

May 2016

@ LinkIT

Soon I will join LinkIT.

If you like to know more about the services they offer then have a look at their website.

I will join LinkIT as a Senior Consultant in Data Science and Analytics. I will mainly work for the clients of LinkIT and will help them to set up their data science team. I will also help them with selection and implementation and testing of right machine learning algorithm.

New website

As of the fifth day of May 2016 my new website hosted on Behsys Analytics will become live.

Gradually I will move my old domain (which was hosted on to my new domain hosted on )

This new website is made by Pelican on Python.

I'm simply too excited to see my website in this new look.

If you also like to host your website/blog on then feel free to drop me a line.

The only requirement is that you need to be a data scientist you you are interested in blogging data science material.

March 2016

Our paper in press

Our paper entitled "A multi-objective model for lot-sizing with supplier selection for an assembly system", joint work with Jafar Rezaei, Mansoor Davoodi and Lori Tavasszy has been accepted for publication by the International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications.

In this article we are introducing a new ...

Aged Urbanity

From Discover magazine's "The State of the World: 2062":

6 billion people live in cities—the population of the entire world at the turn of the century.

Earth now home to 2 billion people age 60 and over.

Ice caps melt. Industry booms at top of the world.

June 2015

Gender-segregated labs!

According to Tim Hunt (a Nobel laureate), scientists should work in gender-segregated labs. He said the trouble with “girls” is that they cause men to fall in love with them and cry when criticised. The Nobel laureate said he was in favour of single-sex labs.

Hunt’s words have been roundly criticised. David Colquhoun, emeritus professor of pharmacology at University College London, said Hunt’s comments were a “disaster for the advancement of women”. Read more at the guardian.

May 2014

My PhD thesis is sent out to a printer!
Mohsen Davarynjead PhD Thesis Behsys

My thesis entitled Deploying Metaheuristics for Global Optimization is just submitted to the printer!

Although I do not see the point in printing thesis, I cannot wait to see the hard copy!!

April 2014

My PhD thesis propositions are approved!!

According to the PhD regulations at TU Delft, thesis shall be accompanied by a list of propositions. My suggested list of propositions are considered opposable and defendable, and have been approved as such by the promoter Prof. J. van den Berg. What follows is a list these propositions.

1 - Evolutionary algorithms tolerate imprecision in fitness evaluation.

2 - Every new optimization algorithm has its own merits that have to be discovered.

3 - Contrary to the implicit assumption in the literature, the center offset approach may change the complexity of a problem as a result of changing the search space.

4 - When applying center offset, no hypothesis can be made on the center-seeking behavior of an optimization algorithm. (see proposition 3)

5 - The gravitational search algorithm suffers from center-seeking bias and initialization region bias. (Chapter 6 of this thesis)

6 - “Complexity makes discovery of the optimum a long, perhaps never-to-be completed task, so the best among tested options must be exploited at every step.” John Holland (1992)

7 - Revolution is nothing but a mutation.

8 - Nature is my teacher! (Antoni Gaudí, 1852 - 1926)

9 - The evolution of new technologies and new communication channels governs the evolution of cyberbullying.

10 - Pioneers are the ones with errors in their bags.

I have a plan to elaborate on the propositions in a separate page, and I am quite willing to explain and defend them.

Stay tuned!!

My PhD thesis is submitted to the Doctoral Committee!

The draft version of my thesis is now submitted to the Doctoral Committee which comprises professors and other competent academic authorities appointed by the Office of the Beadle for review.

The committee is made up of a list of big shots in the filed. I'm so proud that David E. Goldberg, the father of Genetic Algorithms from the Illinois Genetic Algorithm Laboratory is among them. I'm also glad that Joost Kok from the Leiden University, Uzay Kaymak from the Eindhoven University of Technology, Marcel Reinders from the Technische Universiteit Delft, Kees Oosterlee from the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) and Kees Vuik from the Technische Universiteit Delft are in the committee.

December 2013

Our paper entitled "Evaluating Center-Seeking ..."
Mohsen Davarynjead Paper on Evaluating Center-Seeking bias

We have submitted our paper entitled "Evaluating Center-Seeking and Initialization Bias: The case of Particle Swarm and Gravitational Search Algorithms" to the (high-impact) international journal ''Information Sciences'' long long time a go.

In the mean time we have decided to publish the extended version of the paper, which you can access from here. Enjoy reading the manuscript and happy mdGSA coding.

Feel free to contact me if you need help with implementing mdGSA, specially if you are intending to code it in Python or R.


Born in Iran

I was born in Sary/Iran in 1979.